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My website!

I’ve received a TON of inquiries about my website and I wanted to do a quick blog post to help all of my SeneSisters out there! First off I did not design the website, but hired a company to put it all together.I want to disclose that one of my brothers is a part owner of the company and unfortunately they charged me the full price which I paid through my LLC which is also a tax deduction! He charges me for everything! lol They worked with me and compliance to ensure everything was working and was able to get my site approved!  This has been a process and I’m so thankful compliance gave us the go ahead a few days ago.

I am not for sure all of the technical things and what all was required. After JTM put together my website, we contacted compliance to figure out what changes they wanted us to do.  I’m not all that computer literate (I’m the girl at work that the IT department has to help ALOT).

I LOVE the back office of my website and even writing this blog post has been super easy! I can keep my stock up-to-date and have my customers look at what I have available and then just contact me or order through my CDO.

Justin called me this morning and said that they have received a LOT of inquiries from you ladies. Their entire team were great to work with and very patient so I hope you ladies can get a site going as well! They provided me with this link to refer people to:

I believe they are offering the same one-time $500/fee and then $15/month hosting, which is what I did, but I paid for hosting up front for a year (it is cheaper). I want to be clear that I am NOT creating the sites (I had input of what I wanted on my site – Josh was awesome to work with!). I’m excited to see where this will take me this next seminar year!

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