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About Me

Hi! I’m Christy Pham!

I am a public tax accountant for the 5th largest public accounting firm in the United States and currently studying for my CPA exam (pray for me!). I live with the love of my life/newly fiancé, Blake, and our furbaby Banksy. I’m an US magazine junkie, pro netflix marathoner, and have a huge obsessions with Tobie dogs (West Highland White Terriers). Between tax busy seasons, my fiancé and I love to travel and EAT. We are self proclaimed foodies and if we aren’t out trying new restaurants, we are cooking up a storm at home. I have 4 brothers (2 older and 2 younger) and I’m super close to my family. I always say my brothers are my best friends, and I usually don’t go a day without speaking to one of them.

My SeneGence Story

Winter of 2015, I noticed one of my girlfriends was posting a ton of selfies on Facebook.  I reached out to her to ask her what was up with her obsession with selfies and wanted to catch up.  She then brought all her Lipsense testers to dinner.  Not going to lie, I bought a color and a gloss from her, just because I figured..why not support a friend?  Now I have never been a makeup junkie (my mom never let me wear any makeup in my teens) and I had to learn how to put on makeup from Youtube a few years ago.  After we found a color I loved, I was so intrigued that the color lasted all day, never rubbed off, etc.  So I wanted more, but being the typical “bean counter” that I am, I wanted to get the most bang for my buck.  My friend suggested I throw a Facebook party and depending on my sales, I would get a discount. I had so much fun throwing my party, color matching for girls, and advertising, I thought heck I could sell this stuff!  So I signed up!

I told my boyfriend (now fiancé) when i signed up, if I make a few extra dollars doing this, that’s more than what I had before.  But I really wanted to do it for the discount.  What I got in return in the last year from SeneGence was so much more.  I reconnected with childhood friends, friends from high school, and made new friends.  I got back to my roots of selling (I have previously spent a decade in retail sales), getting to know women and their stories, and gained a community of SeneSisters that are amazing.  I have a team of 14 girls hailing from Florida to Nevada and a client base from all over the U.S.  So not only do I get an amazing discount on products I love, I have also made enough money at this side business to supplement a few of my bills (a win/win in my book!)

I’m so glad that you are here, feel free to stay awhile and if you have any questions at all feel free to contact me!