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Author: csbeautybar

My website!

I’ve received a TON of inquiries about my website and I wanted to do a quick blog post to help all of my SeneSisters out there! First off I did not design the website, but hired a company to put it all together.I want to disclose that one of my brothers is a part owner of the company and unfortunately they charged me the full price which I paid through my LLC which is also a tax deduction! He charges me for everything! lol They worked with me and compliance to ensure everything was working and was able to get my site approved!  This has been a process...

Order Direct or Online!

If you are interested in placing an order please contact me directly and/or use the contact form. If you would like to order online feel free to use SeneGence's Direct Order (CDO) form by clicking here and make sure to type my distributor number: 187512 in! Please contact me if you have any questions at all!  ...